Saturday 9th June 2018

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Results 2013

Results for Walton & Weybridge Regatta Saturday 1st June 2013
Race Time Event Result Time Distance Next
108:15J15.2x19 Kingston RC (Woods) bt 23 Charterhouse Sch BC (Murrell)03:021L09:03
208:19J15.2x18 Burway RC bt 17 Weybridge RC00:00NRO09:06
308:23J15.2x15 Kingston RC (Hayes) bt 22 Staines (Jesty)00:002-1/2L09:09
408:27W.J15.2x53 Thames RC (Gallagher) bt 54 Walton RC03:411-3/4L09:18
508:31W.J15.2x49 Weybridge RC bt 51 Kingston RC00:004L09:21
608:35J16.1x75 Walton RC (O Callaghan) bt 68 Thames RC (Norey)03:173/4L09:33
708:38NOV.1x6 St Georges Coll (Vardal) bt 9 Charterhouse Sch BC (Ashworth)03:42E10:55
808:41NOV.1x10 Walton RC (Tolley) bt 7 Eastbourne Coll (Bensted-Smith)03:245L11:01
908:44NOV.1x11 Windsor Boys Sch (Allder) bt 12 Christchurch RC (Marais)03:32Cvs11:01
1008:48J14.4x+31 Bryanston Sch (Young) bt 30 Walbrook Ted Schs00:00Scr11:10
1108:52J14.4x+32 Weybridge RC bt 28 Bryanston Sch (Folkes)03:131-1/4L11:13
1208:56J14.4x+29 Bryanston Sch (Hills) bt 41 Walton RC (Cuff)03:09E11:13
1309:00J15.2x20 Windsor Boys Sch bt 14 Walton RC03:194L11:19
1409:03J15.2x19 Kingston RC (Woods) bt 13 Staines (Blanchfield)03:031-1/2L11:19
1509:06J15.2x18 Burway RC bt 16 Charterhouse Sch BC (Puckett)03:041L11:25
1609:09J15.2x21 Christchurch RC bt 15 Kingston RC (Hayes)03:093L11:25
1709:12W.J15.2x50 Christchurch RC (Humphries) bt 57 Tyrian Club03:393-ft11:28
1809:15W.J15.2x55 Thames RC (Ball) bt 56 Weybridge Ladies03:253/4L11:31
1909:18W.J15.2x53 Thames RC (Gallagher) bt 58 Christchurch RC (White)03:47E11:28
2009:21W.J15.2x49 Weybridge RC bt 52 Christchurch RC (Wood Power)03:31E11:31
2109:24J16.1x72 Thames RC (Bird) bt 67 Christchurch RC (van der Heijden)03:26E11:22
2209:27J16.1x71 Charterhouse Sch BC (Figi) bt 70 Tyrian Club (Norris)03:321-1/2L11:22
2309:30J16.1x69 Weybridge RC (Brisco) bt 73 Staines (Punter)03:182-1/2L10:49
2409:33J16.1x75 Walton RC (O Callaghan) bt 74 Tyrian Club (Sharif)03:443L10:49
2509:36W.J14.1x81 Burway RC (Gray) bt 83 Thames RC (Martin)00:00Scr10:58
2609:39W.J14.1x86 Christchurch RC (Booth) bt 82 Staines (Webb)03:495L11:04
2709:42J14.1x88 Staines (Abdel-Halim) bt 92 Thames RC (Lenders)00:00R/O11:07
2809:45J.2x37 Walton RC bt 36 Kingston RC02:581L11:58
2909:48J14.1x89 Thames RC (Turnbull) bt 90 Burway RC (Connop)03:39E11:16
3009:52NOV.4+5 Eastbourne Coll (Fishwick) bt 2 Staines03:004L10:31
3109:56W.J14.4x+46 Surbiton H Sch (Heap) bt 48 Surbiton H Sch (Davies)03:403-1/2L12:01
3210:00W.J16.1x64 Weybridge RC (Pickering) bt 66 Staines (Tench)03:361L10:37
3310:04W.J14.4x+47 Surbiton H Sch (Cope) bt 45 Walton RC03:341-1/2L12:01
3410:07W.IM3.2x112 Staines (Burrows) bt 110 Weybridge RC (Maund)03:333/4L11:34
3510:10W.IM3.2x111 Weybridge RC (Klaka) bt 109 Molesey BC03:291/2L11:34
3610:13IM1.2x93 St Georges Coll (Hertzog) bt 94 St Georges Coll (Doble)03:031-3/4L12:07
3710:16IM3.2x25 Windsor Boys Sch (Davies) bt 27 Windsor Boys Sch (Linnell)03:191-1/2L11:52
3810:19IM1.2x96 St Georges Coll (Simmons) bt 95 St Georges Coll (Ewart)03:021/2L12:07
3910:22IM3.2x24 Eton Excelsior bt 26 Windsor Boys Sch (Player)03:022L11:52
4010:25NOV.4+4 Exeter Univ bt 1 Eastbourne Coll (Bensted-Smith)02:592-3/4L12:16
4110:28J.2x39 Tyrian Club bt 38 Charterhouse Sch BC03:201/4L11:58
4210:31NOV.4+3 Royal Holloway Univ bt 5 Eastbourne Coll (Fishwick)03:011-1/4L12:16
4310:34W.J16.1x62 Weybridge RC (Cole) bt 63 Christchurch RC (Young)03:352L12:25
4410:37W.J16.1x64 Weybridge RC (Pickering) bt 65 Christchurch RC (Cordery)03:301L12:25
4510:40J13.2x34 Cranmore Sch Jrn bt 35 Thames RC03:342-1/2L11:55
4610:43W.NOV.4+61 Royal Holloway Univ bt 59 Kingston RC03:301-ft12:04
4710:46J16.4x-102 Weybridge RC bt 100 Windsor Boys Sch (Vacher)02:501-1/2L12:10
4810:49J16.1x69 Weybridge RC (Brisco) bt 75 Walton RC (O Callaghan)03:1802-1/4L12:40
4910:52W.J13.2x104 Weybridge RC bt 105 Kingston RC03:41E12:13
5010:55NOV.1x6 St Georges Coll (Vardal) bt 8 Christchurch RC (Mojasevic)03:281/2L12:19
5110:58W.J14.1x84 Staines (Mason) bt 81 Burway RC (Gray)03:451-1/2L12:28
5211:01NOV.1x10 Walton RC (Tolley) bt 11 Windsor Boys Sch (Allder)03:29E12:19
5311:04W.J14.1x86 Christchurch RC (Booth) bt 85 Thames RC (Knight)03:59E12:28
5411:07J14.1x88 Staines (Abdel-Halim) bt 91 Walton RC (Christie)03:262L12:31
5511:10J14.4x+31 Bryanston Sch (Young) bt 40 Walton RC (Cleary)03:295L12:22
5611:13J14.4x+32 Weybridge RC bt 29 Bryanston Sch (Hills)03:131L12:22
5711:16J14.1x89 Thames RC (Turnbull) bt 87 Walton RC (Mohamadzade)03:383L12:31
5811:19J15.2x19 Kingston RC (Woods) bt 20 Windsor Boys Sch03:125L12:34
5911:22J16.1x72 Thames RC (Bird) bt 71 Charterhouse Sch BC (Figi)03:161-ft12:40
6011:25J15.2x18 Burway RC bt 21 Christchurch RC03:051-3/4L12:34
6111:28W.J15.2x50 Christchurch RC (Humphries) bt 53 Thames RC (Gallagher)03:415L12:37
6211:31W.J15.2x49 Weybridge RC bt 55 Thames RC (Ball)03:262-3/4L12:37
6311:34W.IM3.2x112 Staines (Burrows) bt 111 Weybridge RC (Klaka)03:301-1/4LFinal
6411:37Mas.NOV.4+42 Met Police bt 43 Walton RC03:271/2LFinal
6511:40W.NOV.1x77 Weybridge RC (Jenkins) bt 76 Weybridge RC (Foulkes)03:45NROFinal
6611:43W.J16.4x-79 Staines bt 80 Kingston RC03:131-1/4LFinal
6711:46Mas(F/G).4-98 Walbrook (MasF) bt 99 Weybridge RC (MasG)03:283-ftFinal
6811:49Mas(D).4x-107 Walton RC (Groom)(MasD) bt 108 Walton RC (Bishop)(MasD)02:532LFinal
6911:52IM3.2x24 Eton Excelsior bt 25 Windsor Boys Sch (Davies)03:07EFinal
7011:55J13.2x33 Walton RC bt 34 Cranmore Sch Jrn03:242-3/4LFinal
7111:58J.2x37 Walton RC bt 39 Tyrian Club02:53EFinal
7212:01W.J14.4x+47 Surbiton H Sch (Cope) bt 46 Surbiton H Sch (Heap)03:321/2LFinal
7312:04W.NOV.4+60 Weybridge Ladies bt 61 Royal Holloway Univ03:21EasilyFinal
7412:07IM1.2x93 St Georges Coll (Hertzog) bt 96 St Georges Coll (Simmons)03:021-3/4LFinal
7512:10J16.4x-101 Windsor Boys Sch (Brogan) bt 102 Weybridge RC02:511-1/4LFinal
7612:13W.J13.2x104 Weybridge RC bt 106 Staines03:391LFinal
7712:16NOV.4+3 Royal Holloway Univ bt 4 Exeter Univ03:021-3/4LFinal
7812:19NOV.1x10 Walton RC (Tolley) bt 6 St Georges Coll (Vardal)03:20EasilyFinal
7912:22J14.4x+32 Weybridge RC bt 31 Bryanston Sch (Young)03:132LFinal
8012:25W.J16.1x62 Weybridge RC (Cole) bt 64 Weybridge RC (Pickering)03:333-1/4LFinal
8112:28W.J14.1x86 Christchurch RC (Booth) bt 84 Staines (Mason)03:492LFinal
8212:31J14.1x88 Staines (Abdel-Halim) bt 89 Thames RC (Turnbull)03:212-3/4LFinal
8312:34J15.2x19 Kingston RC (Woods) bt 18 Burway RC03:063LFinal
8412:37W.J15.2x49 Weybridge RC bt 50 Christchurch RC (Humphries)03:27EasilyFinal
8512:40J16.1x69 Weybridge RC (Brisco) bt 72 Thames RC (Bird)03:211/2LFinal
9013:00W.IM3.8+113 Weybridge RC (Skinner) bt 114 Walton RC00:001/4 L13:16
9113:04W.IM3.8+116 St Georges Coll bt 115 Weybridge RC (Ollis)00:001-3/4L13:16
9213:08IM3.8+118 Weybridge RC bt 119 St Georges Coll00:001-1/4L13:20
9313:16W.IM3.8+116 St Georges Coll bt 113 Weybridge RC (Skinner)00:001-1/4LFinal
9413:20IM3.8+118 Weybridge RC bt 117 Walton RC00:002-ftFinal
10013:40W.J14.2x141 Surbiton H Sch (Magee) bt 139 Kingston RC (Bate)00:00Scr15:12
10113:43W.J14.2x138 Surbiton H Sch (Dean) bt 133 Thames RC00:00NRO15:15
10213:46W.J14.2x137 Kingston RC (Stevens) bt 131 Surbiton H Sch (Mcinally)03:376L15:18
10313:49W.J14.2x136 Surbiton H Sch (Mackenzie) bt 130 Kingston RC (Griffiths)00:00Scr15:21
10413:52W.J14.2x135 Surbiton H Sch (Davies) bt 142 Walton RC (Akguneyli)03:571-1/2L15:21
10513:55J15.1x189 Christchurch RC (Quinn) bt 192 Thames RC (Kudryashov)03:325L15:24
10613:58J15.1x185 Windsor Boys Sch (Oliver) bt 186 Walton RC (Harris)03:232-1/2L15:27
10714:01J15.1x195 Walton RC (Hassan) bt 187 Windsor Boys Sch (Linnell)00:00Scr15:30
10814:04J15.1x191 Christchurch RC (Longman) bt 188 Windsor Boys Sch (Davies)03:313L15:33
10914:07J15.1x184 Windsor Boys Sch (A Laws) bt 190 Walton RC (Birt)00:00R/O15:33
11014:10J14.2x201 Weybridge RC bt 204 Tyrian Club03:384L14:54
11114:13W.J15.1x150 Christchurch RC (Robinson) bt 151 Thames RC (Forde)03:50Easily16:32
11214:16W.J15.1x148 Weybridge RC (Gaylard) bt 147 Thames RC (Hodgkin)03:54Easily16:32
11314:19W.J15.1x149 Thames RC (Havelock-Allan) bt 153 Weybridge RC (Fraser)03:431-1/2L16:35
11414:22W.J15.1x154 Kingston RC (Saba) bt 152 Christchurch RC (Cole)03:39Easily16:35
11514:25J.1x162 Weybridge RC (Foulkes) bt 159 Thames RC (Sevigen)00:00Scr16:38
11614:28J.1x158 Weybridge RC (Stewart) bt 163 Charterhouse Sch BC (Mahalski)03:16Easily16:41
11714:31J.1x161 Thames RC (Bird) bt 164 Windsor Boys Sch (White)00:00Scr16:41
11814:34J15.4x+181 Weybridge RC bt 178 Charterhouse Sch BC (Lee)03:153L16:51
11914:38J15.4x+179 Staines bt 182 Charterhouse Sch BC (Adams)02:582-ft16:55
12014:42J15.4x+180 Kingston RC bt 177 Windsor Boys Sch (Patel)02:571-1/2L16:55
12114:45J14.2x200 Thames RC (Ellison) bt 198 Christchurch RC (Dixon)03:332-1/2L16:58
12214:48J14.2x202 Walton RC bt 199 Walbrook Ted Schs (Ling)03:264-1/2L16:58
12314:51J14.2x206 Walbrook Ted Schs (Fillingham) bt 203 Thames RC (Kelly)03:181-1/4L17:01
12414:54J14.2x205 Christchurch RC (Cavill) bt 201 Weybridge RC03:211/2L17:01
12514:57J16.2x125 Windsor Boys Sch (Hunter) bt 127 Tyrian Club03:172-1/2L16:26
12615:00J16.2x128 Windsor Boys Sch (Smith) bt 126 Thames RC03:114L16:29
12715:03NOV.2x168 Eton Excelsior bt 169 St Georges Coll (Simmons)03:013L16:44
12815:06NOV.2x166 St Georges Coll (Hertzog) bt 167 Brunel Univ00:00NRO16:47
12915:09W.Mas(C/D).2x174 Staines (MasC) bt 240 Walton RC (Johnston)(MasD)03:461-1/2L16:03
13015:12W.J14.2x141 Surbiton H Sch (Magee) bt 134 Walton RC (Coleshill)04:021-1/2L17:04
13115:15W.J14.2x132 Staines bt 138 Surbiton H Sch (Dean)03:434-1/2L17:04
13215:18W.J14.2x137 Kingston RC (Stevens) bt 140 Surbiton H Sch (Hay)03:416L17:07
13315:21W.J14.2x136 Surbiton H Sch (Mackenzie) bt 135 Surbiton H Sch (Davies)03:49Easily17:07
13415:24J15.1x189 Christchurch RC (Quinn) bt 194 Windsor Boys Sch (E Laws)03:33Easily17:10
13515:27J15.1x185 Windsor Boys Sch (Oliver) bt 193 Christchurch RC (van der Heijden)03:253L17:10
13615:30J15.1x195 Walton RC (Hassan) bt 196 Windsor Boys Sch (Player)03:225L17:13
13715:33J15.1x191 Christchurch RC (Longman) bt 184 Windsor Boys Sch (A Laws)03:392L17:13
13815:36IM1.1x212 St Georges Coll (Tveit) bt 213 St Georges Coll (Stracey)03:161LFinal
14015:42IM3.4+224 Eton Excelsior bt 225 Royal Holloway Univ03:011/3L17:58
14115:45IM3.4+223 Walton RC bt 222 Met Police03:10Easily17:58
14215:48Mas(E).1x233 Molesey BC (Thompson)(MasE) bt 230 Weybridge RC (Gregory)(MasE)03:493L18:04
14315:51Mas(E).1x232 Weybridge RC (Thomas)(MasE) bt 231 Molesey BC (Raspin)(MasE)03:323-1/2L18:04
14415:54Mas(C/D).2x237 Walton RC (Groom)(MasD) bt 235 Weybridge RC (MasC)00:00 18:07
14515:57Mas(C/D).2x236 Walton RC (Johnston)(MasD) bt 234 Walton RC (Gathercole)(MasD)03:283L18:07
14616:00W.Mas(C/D).2x238 Molesey BC (MasC) bt 239 Walton RC (Reilly)(MasC)03:353L18:25
14716:03W.Mas(C/D).2x241 Walbrook (MasD) bt 174 Staines (MasC)03:433L18:25
14816:06W.NOV.2x121 Weybridge RC (Jenkins) bt 120 Molesey BC03:313L17:36
14916:09Mas.NOV.2x146 Weybridge RC (Csiki) bt 145 Walton RC03:40Easily17:40
15016:13J13.4x+156 Weybridge RC bt 155 Walton RC (Birt)03:272L17:44
15116:17W.NOV.8+209 Exeter Univ bt 207 Molesey BC03:081-1/2L17:48
15216:20IM3.1x242 Molesey BC (Taylor) bt 210 Staines (Tollett)03:343-1/2L17:52
15316:23Mas(F/G).1x228 Molesey BC (Parker)(MasG) bt 227 Weybridge RC (Dodds)(MasF)03:442L18:01
15416:26J16.2x129 Weybridge RC bt 125 Windsor Boys Sch (Hunter)03:103L18:10
15516:29J16.2x128 Windsor Boys Sch (Smith) bt 124 Windsor Boys Sch (Tennant)03:072L18:10
15616:32W.J15.1x150 Christchurch RC (Robinson) bt 148 Weybridge RC (Gaylard)03:492L18:13
15716:35W.J15.1x154 Kingston RC (Saba) bt 149 Thames RC (Havelock-Allan)03:224L18:13
15816:38J.1x162 Weybridge RC (Foulkes) bt 160 Weybridge RC (Pope)03:222-ft18:16
15916:41J.1x158 Weybridge RC (Stewart) bt 161 Thames RC (Bird)03:18Easily18:16
16016:44NOV.2x168 Eton Excelsior bt 165 Weybridge RC03:034L18:19
16116:47NOV.2x170 Charterhouse Sch BC bt 166 St Georges Coll (Hertzog)03:071-1/4L18:19
16216:51J15.4x+181 Weybridge RC bt 183 Windsor Boys Sch (Sturch)03:131/2L18:22
16316:55J15.4x+180 Kingston RC bt 179 Staines02:571/2L18:22
16416:58J14.2x202 Walton RC bt 200 Thames RC (Ellison)03:32Easily18:34
16517:01J14.2x205 Christchurch RC (Cavill) bt 206 Walbrook Ted Schs (Fillingham)03:222L18:34
16617:04W.J14.2x132 Staines bt 141 Surbiton H Sch (Magee)03:414L18:28
16717:07W.J14.2x137 Kingston RC (Stevens) bt 136 Surbiton H Sch (Mackenzie)03:381L18:28
16817:10J15.1x185 Windsor Boys Sch (Oliver) bt 189 Christchurch RC (Quinn)03:271-ft18:31
16917:13J15.1x195 Walton RC (Hassan) bt 191 Christchurch RC (Longman)03:25Easily18:31
17017:16W.J16.2x172 Weybridge RC bt 171 Christchurch RC03:25EasilyFinal
17117:20W.J15.4x+176 Christchurch RC (Browning) bt 175 Christchurch RC (Locke)03:42NROFinal
17217:24W.IM3.1x216 Burway RC (Whyte) bt 217 Molesey BC (Delvalle)03:354LFinal
17317:28IM1.4-219 Walbrook bt 218 Walton RC02:501-1/2LFinal
17417:32NOV.8+220 Kingston RC bt 221 Walton RC03:003LFinal
17517:36W.NOV.2x121 Weybridge RC (Jenkins) bt 122 Weybridge RC (Tate)03:58EasilyFinal
17617:40Mas.NOV.2x144 Weybridge RC (Gowland) bt 146 Weybridge RC (Csiki)03:29EasilyFinal
17717:44J13.4x+156 Weybridge RC bt 157 Walton RC (Burova)03:42EasilyFinal
17817:48W.NOV.8+208 Walton RC bt 209 Exeter Univ03:024LFinal
17917:52IM3.1x211 Charterhouse Sch BC (Saleem) bt 242 Molesey BC (Taylor)03:272LFinal
18117:58IM3.4+223 Walton RC bt 224 Eton Excelsior03:032-1/2LFinal
18218:01Mas(F/G).1x226 Molesey BC (Gardiner)(MasG) bt 228 Molesey BC (Parker)(MasG)03:401LFinal
18318:04Mas(E).1x232 Weybridge RC (Thomas)(MasE) bt 233 Molesey BC (Thompson)(MasE)03:32EasilyFinal
18418:07Mas(C/D).2x236 Walton RC (Johnston)(MasD) bt 237 Walton RC (Groom)(MasD)03:34R/OFinal
18518:10J16.2x129 Weybridge RC bt 128 Windsor Boys Sch (Smith)03:032LFinal
18618:13W.J15.1x154 Kingston RC (Saba) bt 150 Christchurch RC (Robinson)03:422LFinal
18718:16J.1x158 Weybridge RC (Stewart) bt 162 Weybridge RC (Foulkes)03:103LFinal
18818:19NOV.2x168 Eton Excelsior bt 170 Charterhouse Sch BC03:002LFinal
18918:22J15.4x+180 Kingston RC bt 181 Weybridge RC02:59EasilyFinal
19018:25W.Mas(C/D).2x241 Walbrook (MasD) bt 238 Molesey BC (MasC)03:421-ftFinal
19118:28W.J14.2x132 Staines bt 137 Kingston RC (Stevens)03:311-1/4LFinal
19218:31J15.1x185 Windsor Boys Sch (Oliver) bt 195 Walton RC (Hassan)03:161LFinal
19318:34J14.2x202 Walton RC bt 205 Christchurch RC (Cavill)03:113-1/2LFinal

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